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23 August 2012 | 09:36 | 0 comments
Okay people! It's a robbery! Hands up and stay where you are. SERIOUSLY. 
Okay sebenarnya aku tgh jiwa kacau sekarang. HAHA. Tolonglaaaaa. Next week dh nk kena balik. 
Oh God :( Apalah dosa aku dpt skolah tu. haha. 

For now, kita enjoy ja holiday yg paling best setakat nie. Truth, LOL. 
Nie ja holiday paling pnjg before cuti pnjang hujung tahun. *hakikatnya tahun depan dh form 5 -.-'
Final exam is on Fifth of September. And i am gonna be REAALLLYY busy for the past few months.

I don't know, i wanna tell u olss a story actually. Tapi, mcm malas ja. *kurkur ~
Okay, here's the swag. I've been spending my time for these past few months with a guy. *yeah of course he is a guy though i am in a girl school, LOL. Back then, we were just friends. Nothing more, nothing special. 
But actually, he is really good in catching my attention.
He makes me fall in love with him! That's the THING! The way he acted.
The way he control things. The way he treated people around him. The way he TREATED ME. 
The jokes he made. The way he called me. The patience he had when we're bickering. 
The effort he made when i was sulking.
 I LOVE em. 

You know when things got so right and all you have to do is just hoping 
that he was the one that is made for you.
Oh how much i hate it that i had to speak and say it in english language.
Its okay laa. At least boleh improve-kan BI aku yg tak hebat mana nie kannn. 
If he was reading this, I apologize that i had to 'introduce' you. 
It wasn't part of my plan la sayang. HEHE

His identity, let's keep it as a secret ;)
Enough of him. 


About my life. Hmm, currently, i was spending my last few years, (a year lagi YEY) in Seseri. 
Building my confidence, struggling as hard as i can.
Beban pun semakin brtmbah. I was the Head of Department (HOD) of Physics. 

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